In-Laws: Glad to have Them Around

So we have recently shifted to our new home which I always wanted to for a long time now. There are five of us who have relocated from our family home in South Delhi to Gurgaon, both my in-laws, my husband, my little daughter and of course me. And life has been good. I have my office close by so I don’t waste much time travelling, there are lots of activities for my little one here so she is happy and I can manage time now to cook and bake which I absolutely love doing.
It has been an easy and happy change for me, life is more comfortable now, as for my daughter she is too young to comprehend a change like this, my husband well his opinion does not matter much as I had left my family when I married him and shifted to his home, so baby its payback time!! Well this brings us to my in-laws, they had to shift with us as my daughter is little and I am working, so for me to continue working somebody had to tag along us to take care of my daughter and obviously who better than grandparents ( my mother in-law is anti-daycare).
So in the complete picture it is the biggest and drastic change for my in-laws to shift here with me, leaving behind the home they stayed together for almost 35 odd years. We still visit that place over the weekends but we are here for the better part of the week. And I totally commend and applaud for what they are doing. I understand it is not easy; change is not easy, especially at this age when you get acclimatized to ta certain way of life. New place, new surroundings, new people, new everything it is not easy. To do that all over again for your kids, I totally respect that but fail to understand the unconditional love behind it. How, why, can they be so selfless, to give up everything and start afresh. It appalls me to see their flexibility to change. I cannot do it, just cannot. There is so much I can learn from them in this regard.
There is no way I can ever thank them enough for what they are doing for my family. RESPECT.

The Last Five Kilos!!

The Last Five Kilos!!!

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I ate like a horse when I was pregnant; it was like I had never seen food before. I was a very conscious eater before conceiving, but after being pregnant I decided to let go, enjoy and obviously that meant gobbling away all food. Even after having the baby, I tried having healthy foods for a month, but realized that habits die hard specially the bad ones, and I had added into my routine some very evil and obscene eating habits which were difficult to let go. I decided to go back to my cardio regimen but after joining office and a cranky baby at night with no sleep even the exercises went down the drain. But since summers have arrived and my baby has turned from an infant to a toddler, I decided that now the time is ripe to shed all the kilos I had gained eating to glory.

I have shed around 11 kilos of my pregnancy and post pregnancy weight after approximately one and a half year of giving birth to my little munchkin. And I am happy with my development. I still have a good 5 kilos to lose to get back to my ideal weight, and GOD this is tough. Getting rid of those last five kilos is a nightmare. Though I have not been very active lately with my exercise regimen and I must admit that it has been tough letting go of all the nasty, weight increasing, yummy food that I had so fondly eaten through my pregnancy and after. I have not been very strict with my diet; I have been gulping in Colas and Junk like crazy.

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I am working from 9 to 5 and manage my home, and also have a toddler who is like on skates these days; I can’t sit because I have to run after her all the time. So Yes I get lazy when I get back home, and Yeah I can’t get up early in the morning to do my cardio and yoga that I so want to do, because I love sleeping. So you see life is tough. Yeah, Yeah I know, these are lame excuses but trust me for a working mother of a toddler these are justified excuses. And still manage to lose weight, trust me it’s commendable ;).


And these last kilos is like a sword hanging on my head, every morning I get up with the fierce determination to start afresh and Loose, Loose, Loose, that irritating weight, it breaks my heart to see that weighing machine needle crossing the 50+ kilos sign, but SIGH I Fail. That tummy, those large size bras I want to get rid of them and be the fit sexy momma. And it will happen I know. I envy stars that lose weight in a jiffy after delivering. Money can do wonders I know!! Aha enough of these excuses I will get back and post my new fitter look very soon.

P.S.: The prime reason I get lazy to lose the kilos is the fact that my husband likes my new fuller body than the earlier skimpy one. So he is to blame ;).


Early Morning Bathroom Marathon!!


Arrrgghhhhh, early mornings are such a chaos always, ever so I got married I don’t remember having a smooth morning to work. For starters my husband and I share our bedroom’s bathroom, neither of us is ready to compromise and use the guest bathroom, for the simple reason that ours is much better, (It’s a dream come true bathroom). All through the day we are out at work, and have different timings to get back home, so that gets sorted. What never get sorted are the mornings when we both have to leave at the same time. And it is such a nuisance!!

SO I get up early in the morning, finish my chores in the kitchen and other parts of the house, giving instructions to the domestic help and everything, it roughly takes an hour, and by the time I am ready to march for a nice shower, BOOM my husband is up and already marching his way. All my cries to spare 15 minutes because I know this is all I will take to get out of there go in vain. And I know he would take no less than ONE hour inside. Yes ONE hour, this is the minimum he takes inside. I fail to fathom what the hell he does inside. One hour on a working day trust me it is too much when you know you are sharing the bathroom.

In the meantime I am cribbing, knocking frantically on the door, but he remains unperturbed, and when he does come out, it seems like a tornado has hit the place. I need a minimum of 15 minutes to compose myself, clean the bathroom a bit and then finally plunge to take a bath. And as it would be I hardly have 10 minutes to take a bath. Isn’t it irritating??

So all my mornings are like this, it is only on the weekends that I can indulge in some soothing time in the tub, and enjoy. But what keeps me wondering always is the same issue after five years of marriage, “What does he do Inside for an hour ;)”.


Perks of being MARRIED I guess!