How Justified Is War ????

Patriotism, I really don’t know where this word stands in my life, how much it means to me, and what difference does it make. It influences my existence I know, because people formulate opinions about me depending on the country I belong to. Most of them are biased I know but still they exist and I accept them because I know what I am.
Anyway coming back to the topic of patriotism, I am bewildered by this word. It evokes a swarm of emotions in me. I see so many refugees shifting each year; it pains me to see their agony, perplexed they look around trying to adjust to the new environment, their new existence, their new country. I realize how important it is to have a country you can call your own; it defines you in so many ways. I remember watching “The Terminal”, and as usual Tom Hanks made me cry till my nerves started to twitch, losing a country meant so much.
And still I become livid when I see soldiers being killed for protecting their homeland, I know how it works, and you cannot possibly sit idle when an enemy attacks your independence, it is important to make the enemy realize that you are not a weakling, imperative that they now that we have what it takes to defend ourselves, but loosing precious human lives in the process, I don’t know. War justified for mistakes that our forefathers made, for political agendas, for maniac terrorists, mistakes of our leaders; provocation of the enemy does not make sense to me. I agree that these fine gentlemen we call “Soldiers” are out there in chilling winters and scorching heat to protect us, so that we can live a comfortable life. No matter how trite this might sound but this is the truth. I respect them for what they do, utterly and absolutely adore what they are doing for me. Yet it infuriates me when my country or rather any other country goes to war. I really don’t know whose fault it is, and perhaps I am not in a position to judge or comment on topics of political significance, but these are somebody’s children, somebody’s brothers and sisters, somebody’s parents who go out there to fight. We fight, we kill and we conquer but in this process thousands lose their lives and many families lose their loved ones. Nothing could be more distressing and dispiriting than this.
No matter how many countries exist in this world, humans live in them, the most gifted living being, we should be able to respect human life. I might be wrong at certain levels to understand the significance of war but it does not make sense to me. I believe, all barring some nuisance creating element want peace and harmony. I understand that it is imperative to be able to stand up for injustice and cruelty but at the price of human life does not make sense. Its pride, vindication, and the hunger to satiate the ego that leads to war. We go to war because we sought to teach our enemies a lesson, to make him accountable for his heinous deeds but loose so much of ourselves in the process. I realize that the life of those lost in war should never go in vain, because for me their sacrifice for their motherland is much greater than any other form of love or sacrifice. There is nothing that can surpass this ultimate sacrifice, for something that is not exclusively yours, shared among millions of people, something that can only be felt not owned. These men command our utmost veneration, for what they do cannot be compared to anything else. And manifold respect to the families who happily send their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents to fight for the nation. Anything we do for them would be less in comparison to what they do for us.