Redirecting My Life For Good

“You Cannot Redirect the Wind but You Sure can Readjust your Sail”

I came across this beautiful line somewhere and it just stuck a chord, so simply put but they mean so much, invokes so much hope, optimism, it has a good zing to it. And so I pondered, where do these lines stand in my life, and I concluded that a better part of my life can be sorted if only I accept these lines as part of my Living Mantra.
I am stubborn by nature and also a firm believer of my thought process, I start living a life in my thoughts, thoughts which include the way I picture my life and this movie keeps playing and replaying in my mind until I have achieved what I was thinking. And somehow this also works for me, it is like a bolly movie dialogue (Did I forget to tell you that I am a big Movie Buff), “When you dream of something and want it with all your heart, the whole universe starts preparing to bring that SOMETHING to you”. But there are times when BOOM my dreams break, when there are just too many dreams entangled in one (Like Inception, dream in a dream in a dream 😉 ), And these are the times when I feel rueful, things just don’t seem to be working according to my plan. I know this is the truth of life, “Man proposes, GOD disposes”, But it is hard for me to accept it, The Scorpion trait in me Arggghhh.
The simple thing is I don’t accept change, I just do not. There is never a PLAN B for me. It is always plan A and has to be A. And why can’t it be A, I am doing everything and everything right to achieve it. I do not deter, am not scared, don’t feel intimidated by my goals; don’t think they are unreachable, then WHY???? Earlier a lot of my time was spent fretting on the things that were not happening in my life, and in this process I failed to relish and acknowledge the good things that were happening. Expecting came easier to me than accepting. There were strings of gloomy days at times, full of pessimism, irritability, dilemma, hopelessness, fear. And trust me these were not good days. I wanted to work against time, against nature, against God too, at times. But nothing changed still, nothing worked. So I forgot about my dreams, which seemed to be the most plausible thing to do. Acceptance became better than Expectance, and do you think life became easier, well NO. There were still times that hopelessness emerged again, but yes they became less. I realized that I just cannot turn a blind eye on my expectations, I am no saint, deep down they still existed, like a tornado pulling me towards them. So there was no hiding from them, I had to face them and DO them to be at peace (Remember I told you I am a stubborn Scorpio).
So came a phase of “READJUSTMENTS”, and I kept thinking why did not I think of it before. My dreams as I wanted them were probably not happening due to many reasons, financial, emotional, spiritual but what if I curtailed them a bit, you know just deflect from the path a bit, just try to rewire the dead wires of my mind for once. And it worked, it worked wonders. Life was not as tough like before. I realized that they were many things in life that I did not have any control on, because simply put I was not meant to control everything. Up above me was a supreme force that decided everything, and I was questioning him, I stopped doing that, I started to make changes in my plan according to the suitability of all. Winds were still blowing and I knew I could not stop them, but yes I started adjusting my sails accordingly, so my boat did not sink, I gave the roars to time, and accepted what came in after my sails were readjusted. And digressing a bit here, I would also like to add here that I also took it on myself to fulfill my dreams, after all these are my dreams I don’t expect others to understand them the way I do, put in the efforts to achieve them like I do, I need to do it. I need to give in my best shot not depending on anyone for it. As Nike says “Just Do IT”.
So life after this simple change has been good, it’s easier, less fearful, more comfortable, and more hopeful. You see more of good and less of bad in life now. I know I cannot live happy in simple things, I want more of life, have always wanted more and probably will always want more. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have learnt that rather than taking a leap to my goal, small baby steps can work wonders. At least I have not stopped trying; I am getting to where I want to go. And I am sure I will reach there someday, not on a speeding jet but probably on bullock cart but I will be there. It brings a smile on my face every day just to realize that I am working hard to get there. So life has been good so far, not entirely fair, but GOOD. And I intend it to keep it that way.
(O.k. Everyone, there is a festival called HOLI, in India, The festival of colors, it starts today and I am leaving for a colorful bash in another half hour, Hope I can get some nice clicks to share. Hence a HAPPY HOLI to all  )