In-Laws: Glad to have Them Around

So we have recently shifted to our new home which I always wanted to for a long time now. There are five of us who have relocated from our family home in South Delhi to Gurgaon, both my in-laws, my husband, my little daughter and of course me. And life has been good. I have my office close by so I don’t waste much time travelling, there are lots of activities for my little one here so she is happy and I can manage time now to cook and bake which I absolutely love doing.
It has been an easy and happy change for me, life is more comfortable now, as for my daughter she is too young to comprehend a change like this, my husband well his opinion does not matter much as I had left my family when I married him and shifted to his home, so baby its payback time!! Well this brings us to my in-laws, they had to shift with us as my daughter is little and I am working, so for me to continue working somebody had to tag along us to take care of my daughter and obviously who better than grandparents ( my mother in-law is anti-daycare).
So in the complete picture it is the biggest and drastic change for my in-laws to shift here with me, leaving behind the home they stayed together for almost 35 odd years. We still visit that place over the weekends but we are here for the better part of the week. And I totally commend and applaud for what they are doing. I understand it is not easy; change is not easy, especially at this age when you get acclimatized to ta certain way of life. New place, new surroundings, new people, new everything it is not easy. To do that all over again for your kids, I totally respect that but fail to understand the unconditional love behind it. How, why, can they be so selfless, to give up everything and start afresh. It appalls me to see their flexibility to change. I cannot do it, just cannot. There is so much I can learn from them in this regard.
There is no way I can ever thank them enough for what they are doing for my family. RESPECT.

5 thoughts on “In-Laws: Glad to have Them Around

  1. Your story reminded me of a writer friend’s — a remarkable story. More than 60 years ago, when she was a college student, she did a summer internship in San Diego, California. She worked and became friends with a young man 10 years her senior. They went their separate ways and led separate lives. For many years she has lived in Massachusetts, where she grew up. Then in 2012 she received a snail-mail packet from the man she’d worked with all those years ago. To make a long and wonderful story short, they corresponded, mostly by email; fell in love with each other; and were married a year ago. Why did your tribute to your in-laws make me think of this? Because he decided to leave California, where he’d lived nearly all his 90 years, and move to Massachusetts, even though he’d never been east of Chicago. And she, who’d been happily single and self-sufficient for many years, welcomed him into her home, which is now their home. Their openness to big changes takes my breath away. As you say, we have a lot to learn from people like this. You are so fortunate in your in-laws!

    • Awww that is so sweet. 90 years old and change, totally commendable. Yes you are right I am fortunate :). I cant imagine being in their shoes and accepting change as easily as they did :).

      Thanks for the like :).

  2. purvabhatia says:

    That’s so sweet Shivangi! You’re lucky to be blessed with in-laws like that and they are lucky for a daughter-in-law who adores them πŸ™‚ Stay happy! Btw nice to see your blog!

  3. I will tell you something Shivani……You know in life who ever do what ever, noticing it , realizing it’s value, appreciating it, being grateful to it………… keeps it alive for longer time .. Applaud for your attitude and what you have done here. πŸ™‚

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