Self Appreciation is the Best Medicine

I have been the center of a crowd for as long as I can remember, at school, college, work, among my cousins everywhere, I have always had people around me. I could never make out why, because I am pretty (I don’t think so, I mean yes I like to think I look good but I don’t look like some fairytale princess), probably because I am funny (that could be one of the reasons, though most of time I find it hard to comprehend what was funny in what I said), probably because I am just ME, yes this could be it. How do I say it, I have always been a fan of myself, I love the way I am. And there is nothing wrong in liking yourself, for all I know it is great to celebrate who you are and the way you are, it renders such peace of mind. It is so OK to acknowledge compliments, when someone says to me “You look great”, inadvertently my answer is “Isn’t it, I know”, it probable offends some as it comes out too blunt but it suits me fine. There is nothing wrong in feeling that I am the BEST. Of course I always keep room for improvement, I don’t exactly brag about myself always but I appreciate myself. Reinforcing good things about yourself and not the crappy ones surely makes you happy and you start trusting the good side of yours rather than the ugly one.

So I thought it would be a good exercise to jot down things I like or more appropriately LOVE about myself. You see it can act as confidence booster on days when I feel low!! So let me start my ride to a journey which is so enthralling that it will reinforce my being PERFECT 😉

1)  I am Brutally Honest : Oh yes, I am , call me judgemental, dogmatic, but that’s the way I am. And trust me most of the time I am right. I cannot simply feign someone I am not, I hate small talk, false praises. That’s just not me. I am a scorpion and if I don’t like you, you will have it written all over my face. So I probably have a lot of people around who hate my guts, but to each its own. Seriously I give a DAMN !!


2) I am an adventurist at heart : OMG this one, I totally adore myself for, things have changed a bit now ever since I became a mommy J but I was always that girl who you could ask to just get up and leave for a new destination and I would have just left. I love travelling, exploring, observing, and everything in between. I learn from these experiences of mine.


3) I Love my Family : I can’t live without them, no matter how much I crib and want alone time but the truth is they are my life and they are all I have. They let me be, remain patient with all my tantrums and absurdities and that’s what makes them special. The thing is it is not easy staying around me, Trust me, I can be the most snarky lil B***H if I have to be, so it is not easy around me. Probably my family deserves a gallantry award for putting up with me.


4)  I am Hopelessly Romantic : Well my husband will sure vouch for me on this one, because it irritates him the most, solely because he is the biggest moron in the field of love (But not love making 😉 ). I am all for the mushy gushy things love comes with. Gift me flowers,  chocolates or anything, just sweep me off my feet, surprise me, pamper me.  I am the one who celebrates all from rose day to valentine’s day. So I am as romantic as one can be.


5) I am ALWAYS ready to Learn : I live by the theory “You are never too old to learn”, this I learnt from my father. I am passionate about new things, learning them, I simply cannot be outdated. I have to keep learning and improving or something inside me will die. Like for example, I am not very techno savvy, I know my phone and laptop as much I want to use it, but if u ask me about syntax and programs I will be like “DUH, dude what are you talking”. But I am making efforts to learn.


6) I can make you Laugh : They are many around me who will vouch for this one. I always tend to bring a smile across people around me. And trust me it is so unintentional. I don’t know if it is what I say or how I say it, but people have a good time around me. I am always surrounded by them. I am absent from office for one day and I have messages and calls pouring in inquiring my whereabouts.


7)I am very very ambitious: Oh yes I am! I just want to do so much with my life, achieve so much. It is like I yearn for wings to fly, I am unstoppable. At the moment I have not encountered the perfect opportunity, but I am very sure soon I will. Nothing deters my drive to achieve, no failures, no pessimism around, absolutely nothing.


8) I Trust in the Almighty : Ever since I was young I can remember believing in a power that guides and protects me. It did not have to be an idol, but there was somebody which over time was replaced by God. I have full faith in him, nothing can go wrong as long as he is around. I might not be all truthful to people around me, but I am all truthful to my Lord and that’s all that matters.


9) I cannot Endure Injustice : I just cannot, it is so not me. Injustice in any form, to women children, old age, mental, physical anything I am not ready to take. I could be directed to me or anyone around me, if it is happening around me I have to voice it. I cannot bear it at any cost. I have to take a stand to the best of my ability and capability.


10)              I love being a MOTHER : As much as I may crib over, it is the best feeling ever. I have decided against having a second one as of now because I cannot simply do nappy changing, feeding, running around, be sleep deprived, give away my passions and career again for sometime at least, but still having my little one around makes me so complete. All her little nuances, something  new each day brings a smile on my face. Undoubtedly the best feeling ever.


So I big round of applause for me!! (Thank you, Thank you I whole heartedly accept your congratulations for me being the person I am 😉 ).Trust me if I ponder over I might and I am very sure I would find 10 more good things about myself. You see its not self-obsession but self- appreciation. This is due to me, if the world is not giving it to me I will have it on my own ;).