The Last Five Kilos!!

The Last Five Kilos!!!

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I ate like a horse when I was pregnant; it was like I had never seen food before. I was a very conscious eater before conceiving, but after being pregnant I decided to let go, enjoy and obviously that meant gobbling away all food. Even after having the baby, I tried having healthy foods for a month, but realized that habits die hard specially the bad ones, and I had added into my routine some very evil and obscene eating habits which were difficult to let go. I decided to go back to my cardio regimen but after joining office and a cranky baby at night with no sleep even the exercises went down the drain. But since summers have arrived and my baby has turned from an infant to a toddler, I decided that now the time is ripe to shed all the kilos I had gained eating to glory.

I have shed around 11 kilos of my pregnancy and post pregnancy weight after approximately one and a half year of giving birth to my little munchkin. And I am happy with my development. I still have a good 5 kilos to lose to get back to my ideal weight, and GOD this is tough. Getting rid of those last five kilos is a nightmare. Though I have not been very active lately with my exercise regimen and I must admit that it has been tough letting go of all the nasty, weight increasing, yummy food that I had so fondly eaten through my pregnancy and after. I have not been very strict with my diet; I have been gulping in Colas and Junk like crazy.

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I am working from 9 to 5 and manage my home, and also have a toddler who is like on skates these days; I can’t sit because I have to run after her all the time. So Yes I get lazy when I get back home, and Yeah I can’t get up early in the morning to do my cardio and yoga that I so want to do, because I love sleeping. So you see life is tough. Yeah, Yeah I know, these are lame excuses but trust me for a working mother of a toddler these are justified excuses. And still manage to lose weight, trust me it’s commendable ;).


And these last kilos is like a sword hanging on my head, every morning I get up with the fierce determination to start afresh and Loose, Loose, Loose, that irritating weight, it breaks my heart to see that weighing machine needle crossing the 50+ kilos sign, but SIGH I Fail. That tummy, those large size bras I want to get rid of them and be the fit sexy momma. And it will happen I know. I envy stars that lose weight in a jiffy after delivering. Money can do wonders I know!! Aha enough of these excuses I will get back and post my new fitter look very soon.

P.S.: The prime reason I get lazy to lose the kilos is the fact that my husband likes my new fuller body than the earlier skimpy one. So he is to blame ;).

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