If the Heart is Willing it Will Find a Thousand Ways

Hey everyone,

This one is going to be an inspiring, motivating, stimulating, encouraging, animating, POST (I have managed to use all possible synonyms). I am headed for an interview in the next four hours, it is not a dream job, but it is something that will make my life easier and happier, so Fingers Crossed. And Yes, I am not wasting time writing this blog, there is no more preparation I can do, I have read, practiced even and now I am getting anxious. So I am writing this post to just pass my time.

So this post is dedicated to “NO Lame Excuses”… More than often we end up making excuses for various tasks, but what does it imply. Don’t you think if the task is that important we would DO it and make no excuses? So here is my list of things to do if you really want to achieve something dear to your heart:


– “I don’t have time”, well this is the most common excuse we end up making when we don’t do things. Over time I have realized that if something is really important to us we will take out time for it, no matter what. Suddenly days will not consist of not 24 but 30 hours. I always wanted to start a blog and write. But I never did, I always blamed it on my busy schedules, office work, chores at home, not enough sleep, baby, everything and anything I could come up with. But once when I decided four months ago that I needed to do this, because I am so incomplete without it, that this could be my first step towards my dream, I minted out time. Suddenly office was not that hectic, chores finished faster than I expected, my baby got busy with her own things, and I started this blog. Now I am not that sleepy through the day, perhaps I suffer from insomnia because I want to think and write all day.

– O.K. next up, once we have decided to do it, the next pivotal question comes in, where to start, “I have not done this ever”, “People are such PRO at this, where will I stand”, well start from just anywhere, anywhere at all. It does not matter you don’t know a thing about what you are going to do, Take a small step for it, Rome was not built in a day, but it was started someday, so start it. There will be hurdles, speed breakers, absolutely distressing moments when you would think this is going nowhere but since you started it, trust me you will finish it. Taking the first step is hardest and is very crucial, don’t wait for perfect timings, and start now. Don’t wait up for your skills to be perfect for the task, everyone is an amateur once. And yes, take a step not a leap!

– “O.K. I am stuck, what next”, whenever you are in a situation like this ASK for help. It is the best thing to do trust me. There might be many who have seen the same dreams as you and now are experts, so don’t feel shy asking them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I would never ask people, I always thought they would think I am dumb, not knowing sometimes the basics even. But I lost a lot of good opportunities in this process, I regret it. ASK, it helps, and some people, often many are good enough to explain you things without belittling you. Asking is healthy; there is nothing wrong in not knowing.


– Now you have started with you little thing, stuck and asked for suggestions, but still you are getting stuck, this can very demoralizing. Herein change your approach, don’t keep doing the same thing, start doing things the way you know best, try doing what you can, as much as you can. Again don’t fret for results, keep doing it, it will pay off soon.

– Don’t go CRAZY, well this one is important, now you have taken the first step towards your dream, made good progress, but you are doing nothing else but this new task you have got your hands on. You are missing out on life just because you have gone crazy over one thing. Don’t DO That, All work and no Play makes Jack, Matt, Andrew, Phill, anyone a dull boy. So take time out for your other pursuits too, it will keep you fresh, and invigorated. Take a break in between it will help!

– Lastly and this one is my favorite, if while doing what you want to do, you feel distressed, unhappy, upset troubled, discouraged, but once in a while it does cross your mind that you can do it, Trust me you will do it. If you believe in what you are trying to achieve, it will happen sooner or later, It Will. Efforts never go waste is what I believe in, especially when you believe in what you are doing. So go for it! Life will be good.


Hmm I finished this post earlier than I anticipated, still 3 hours to go, Anyhow, if you end up reading this one, please wish me luck and pray for me .

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