The Cow Story !!!!

In the wee hours of the morning, I was out for my morning stroll when I saw a group of men holding flags of all hues of red and marching in one direction and singing slogans that I was finding hard to understand, but they were musical and lyrical for all I know, and on continuous repetition seemed melodious. I had nothing interesting to do in the morning so I decided to follow these men. To my horror after a few minutes they got hold of a boy and started hitting him, like really hard, he was pleading and crying, shouting and wailing but these men did not stop. They were hitting him even when he fainted and eventually walked over him to continue with their march and shouting. All I could hear and understand was that they were hitting him apparently because he ate their mother. Cannibalism, I thought, these humans can be weird at times.

After this sad start to the day I decided to walk around the park where I could find some happy cheerful children and feel happy for the day. I was crossing the road when I saw four men forcing themselves on a girl, she was screeching and pulling herself away, but they were strong men I think. I wanted to shout and call for help, I started moving hysterically in distress but people around went about their business without noticing what was happening. Just then the same group of men with the flags and shouting crossed me, many saw and ignored what was happening and preferred to walk away. I looked at them in disbelief, I was unable to understand what was so important for them other than the lewd behavior happening to the girl that they decided to ignore it and go ahead with their business of shouting and marching. Humans, I tell you need to learn to respect your women.

The next day I woke up late and it was while I was strolling on the streets that I found that a newspaper that read the news, “Man brutally beaten up for suspicion of him having consumed beef”. It was then then I could put the picture together. I was appalled to realize that they almost killed a person for mere suspicion and even if the suspicion was correct they decided to take matters in their hands since cow is their mother and someone had tried to hurt her. I did not know how to feel at that moment, whether to feel secured or ashamed.

We met for our weekly meeting at the roundabout near the street that evening, obviously the topic for discussion was the prevalent beef ban. Cars were screeching horns all around us, we were discussing and trying to bring a rationale to the whole situation. Some of us were happy about this development, others were being pragmatic and thinking if this is reasonable, whether violence in the name of this is befitting. We were still discussing it when a car just banged against one of our babies who was standing a bit away from us. The baby fell, the car turned and took off in the opposite direction as fast as possible. The baby lay there in pain for a good half an hour, we were trying to get help, wailing and crying at the top of our lungs but many cars and people came and went without stopping.

It was a long day I decided to go back to my home, it was a long way and I spent most of it thinking, I met my friends on way, everyone was upset with us, hens, fish, pig, goat, everyone, they said we are being partial why only cows, why no objection is made to their killing, Don’t they have a life, aren’t they the creatures of god. I tried to reason with them that it is probably due to the Hindu mythology where cows are treated as mothers and the whole logic behind it.. But they were not ready to buy my logic, they were visibly upset. I decided to give them sometime till the matter cooled down and walked again towards my home.

Did I tell you that I stay just near the pavement, I mean I don’t live there since most of my time is spent traveling but in the night I go there to sleep. I have many of my family members there and we prefer sleeping together in a circle every night. I was hungry and asked one of us if we had something to eat, it mooed me towards a heap, I went there to look what was left in for me. I saw green leaves, peas, fruit leftovers, and chapattis wrapped in plastics sheets, I mean do these humans really think we cows are capable of opening the plastic and having the chapatti? It is insane, but at that moment I was too hungry to think of plastic and ate the chapattis with the plastic.

I could not sleep that night, I think the plastic did its wonders in my stomach, it was also cold outside. It is tough sleeping by the roadside in a cold weather with the cars passing by with loud horns every minute but this is how we live. If only before the ban, vandalism and violence they could think of providing better care for their cow mothers. I thought of the girl too who I had seen being violated, I just thought of what she might have felt, a cow was more important than her. This is a country where rape convicts might be convicted over years or many would even remain scot-free and people are killed for cows. I thought of my fellow animal friends, how they must feeling, obviously their anger is justified. Lastly I just want to say that lets respect LIFE as it is, all are important and all have their choices. Let’s respect that and live with that, don’t we have better or worse problems.

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