Learning from the United States of America

I have recently come back from my trip to the United States of America… Yes the United States of America. Why do I emphasise on it so much.. Because somehow around our part of the world it is considered a big deal. And trust you me, I am not kidding. I mean you tell any of your relatives or friends that you are travelling to the states and they would be like ”really, lucky you”. This is how we feel about the states. Not many would admit it but yes this is the truth.

Anyway I was there for vacation cum work and visited New York and Texas. It was fun and there are many things that I learnt. When you travel the world you get exposed to new cultures and lifestyles, some good some bad. And there is nothing wrong in imbibing the good part of their lifestyles. I find no shame in admitting that we might still be lacking in many things but there is always scope for improvement and learning and hence this post.

The most cliché learning from the states that I carried back home and which I am sure everyone knows is that this country is organised.. Much much ahead of us. Be it their roads, malls, public places, restaurants or even washrooms everything happens systematically. The system efficacy is tremendous and palpable..It’s good since you don’t have to fret about anything, being organised saves time and also relieves you of unnecessary tensions. I was a first time traveller but did not feel troubled as everything was on my platter if I planned it. However, there could be some glitches to it, I wanted to have French fries without the sprinkling of salt at a very popular chain of burgers but I could not because apparently cashier taking my order could not find the key for it. If you know what I mean ;).

Moving further the other thing that really caught my attention was the respect for time. Americans really believe in reaching and starting work on time. Even if their partying late at night you would find them at work dot on time. Something we can definitely learn. They believe in starting their day early so they can finish it early too. You need appointments for everything you cannot barge into anyone’s house or office without prior intimation. This is very unlike India where we can expect guests prior intimation at odd hours and this is considered normal. But, (yeah there always have to be a but) a colleague of mine told me that in the states privacy is such a big thing that sometimes even grandchild has to ask their grandparents the suitable time for his visit. I mean who could have thought of this in India.

They give you the time, can spend hours explaining you if you need help, but you have to await your turn. I mean back home we don’t follow the queue religiously, we are always in a hurry hence breaking queues comes naturally to us. Standing in the queues there I pondered, what made me stand in queues patiently here wherein I would have grown impatient back in my country in the same situation. It’s then that I realised this feeling of social responsibility comes from the environment around where you see everyone around appreciating their social responsibility.

Next on the list was the outlook of the elderly.. I mean you could feel that no one grows old there. The elderly were as active as the young generation. They were eager to learn, well adept with technology much better than even I am, like seriously. They travel alone, I saw old couples like really old couples going on vacations, just the two of them. They had the the latest technology in hand, were in constant touch with the world on the move and were cutely romantic. It was like no one grows old here, everyone has the urge to learn more, explore more, and love more.


I love my country a lot and I mean it when I say it, I have no plans whatsoever to shift base to any other country. It’s the most unfathomable thought in my head. My country is beautiful and I truly believe that we are a bunch of very intelligent and diverse people who can achieve anything we want. My recent trip proved to me that both the countries raised their kids with the same set of values but over growing up somewhere in my land we loose the hang of it. We as children are organised and systematic, remember how we formed queues for our school bus or morning assemblies but as we grow divergence occurs and indiscipline sets in.

Sure America must have its own personal problems, there are a lot of problems in that country but here I have no intentions to compare the two countries , there are perhaps many things that even America can learn from us, but currently I am only interested in making my country a better one. We don’t have to emulate them we can just be happy taking or learning from the things they are better than us at.

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