When someone goes away!!

Just recently my friend’s mother left for the heavenly abode, it was untimely but she was not keeping well for a long time now and in a way it was believed that death set her free of all the pain. How is it that if you fall terribly sick you become a burden on your loved ones, they want you to get well but if you are not getting well they want you to leave, its best for all, for the caretakers who have a life of their own and also the one in pain who wants to get rid of everything. It is complicated.

So as I was attending the last rites of one of my favorite aunt, swarm of memories engulfed me and with these memories came the afterthought. Life took a halt suddenly, in the silence of the prayers ceremony I sat down thinking of how life is passing by, as to how we think that neither us or the ones close to us are ever going to die, we think we are immortals but during that moment time is slipping and we are approaching the end every minute.

I am not those philosophical types, come on I am not even 30 yet! But suddenly it crossed my mind I will turn 30 soon. Three decades of my life would be over, they are not coming back ever again. I am looking forward to getting old, I want to get old, that’s when I think my life would be relaxed, I would have earned enough, would have a small cottage in the mountains and would spend my life reading and writing and yes cooking also. But this recent death of my aunt has jolted my plans a bit, I have come to believe in the theory of ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. You never know what shall happen tomorrow so the best bet is to live in today.

I don’t believe in afterlife, Hinduism puts a lot of emphasis on afterlife, I follow Hinduism because that’s my religion I am told, but more than religion I believe in faith. I have faith that someone up above or down below or anywhere in the universe is taking care of me. And that’s what rocks my boat. I feel that my deeds count the most. I don’t care if I am taking re-birth or not, all that matters is that in my life I should be doing right without hurting anyone. Karma counts but in the present itself, if I do wrong, I would learn my lessons in this life only, and if I am doing right I would be rewarded in my present life only. Let’s just face it, let’s do good stuff now and not because we want a better after life but because we want to do good to others! Right?

Death of someone close to you does make you think for a bit, after a few days of course one forgets and gets back to the monotonous chores of life but there is no getting away from it right, it’s like lurking on you head. We really don’t know how much time we have or our close ones have, so let’s celebrate life the way it is. Because no matter how slowly we think but time is slipping. We live once and let’s make the most of it, let all live the way they want to, let gays be gay and happy, let happily unmarried people be unmarried if this is what they want, let children do what they wish to do. In other words just simply let everyone cultivate their passions because you never when your life is cut short!!

Before that let’s make the most of it.

In the end it is not years in your life that count but the life in your years – Abraham Lincoln

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