Mothers, The Ultimate Human Beings

As the internet clogs with mother’s day post, I ponder.

Mothers, I mean these are like the most outrageously cutest untiring weird beings on the planet right!

I mean to sacrifice your own needs and desires for someone who trust me nags you all the time. Quite something isn’t it.

My mom was a Stay at home, ahh the luxury of it all, to have hot food ready when we came back from school, juices mix ready at our disposal, her availability for our school projects, everything, her staying at home always seemed a blessing until, yes until we turned teenagers. We grew up, our dependencies on her decreased exponentially. We could prepare instant lunches and dinners if we wanted to, could do homework on our own, had tutorials to help us. We wanted to spend time on the phone calls, have friends over, had secrets that we did not want her to know and hence wanted her to go out. It was a weird equation back then, a teenage girl and her mother, with our views not meeting on any possible topic, arguments almost every day, where friends became more important than her. The gap increased all through teenage years. Those were the times when I thought she knew nothing, I knew all. Lest to say I hated her guts, her claim that she knew better.

And time passed, I got busy with my studies and subsequently work. She was still there, trying to fit in the scene, the sleepless nights before exam she was there to bring me hot chocolate, or my alarm clock to wake me up. I loved her back then but probably did not realize it enough.

It was only when I moved to hostel did I realize what she meant, when there was no one to ask me if I had eaten, when no one was there to take care when I was sick, when everything I did was on my own, did I realize what she had be doing all these years. She called me every day to know if I was all right it was those five years that brought me close again to her.

And then I got married, initially the marital bliss kept me busy but once the dust of the bliss settled in and reality stuck, I realized what she meant to me. She had cried the most at my marriage, I had too but I can never forget the look on her face as I left. She was heartbroken, I could see that, the mere thought of that scene still sends me shivers.

After my marriage my mother and I have gone crazily close like never before, still we do have our arguments but there are much mature. My mother had me when she was pretty young and now she is my new best friend, my new confidante. Over the years of my marriage I did realize that she is the best thing that has ever happened. Even today she is the same selfless self that she was for us before which we never appreciated. But now I do. Yes she is the one who knows telepathically that I am not feeling right, that something is wrong, she is funny the way she is, she strives to keep up with the pace still. Whenever we are out I know she is awake, waiting for our call to tell her we have reached safely. She makes sure to cook my favorite dishes whenever I go back home. Going to my mom’s place is a luxury now, I yearn to go back now and spend as much time as possible with her for her.

I have a daughter of my own now, I see her and see my mom, My world revolves around the both of them, it is like I have to be there for both of them now, my mom who is going through midlife crises and my daughter well who needs me for everything atleast for now.

I had taken my mother for granted for many years, A lot of us grew up in an intense love-hate relationship with our moms right, but I realized over years that time flies too quickly for us to realize, So let’s make up for it, as nothing is more precious than having that shoulder to cry, that ear to listen to everything, those arms for the wonderful hugs and the mind and heart that thinks only for you..

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, each and everyone is doing a great job.

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