The Much Hulla-Ballo over the US Visa!!!

Yesterday I logged on to a social site and saw a friend of mine posing with her husband with a certificate in her hands, people were congratulating her, blessing her, feeling proud of her and I thought probably she has cleared some very tough exam and hence people are congratulating her. But to my surprise this was not it. She had achieved (if I may use the word achieved here) an American citizenship. So everybody was excited. It just made me think how important it is for people and what a big achievement it is presumed to be. Only lately have I applied for an American visa, my better half’s company decided one fine day, that he needs to visit their US branch for official purposes and he needs to apply for American visa. For some insane reasons they wanted even me to apply for American visa with him. I retaliated and objected, trying to find a reason for my visa application but nothing I did or said deterred the company’s plan to make me apply. So we did and the cumbersome applying process started. Though I was only supposed to give in my papers and details, rest was to be taken care of by the company, but providing information and umpteen calls to and fro annoyed me. I am a very complacent person, I like a very settled and organized life, I am very comfortable in my own skin, I like change but I need that consistency in life. And this visa application sent my life hay-wire and I was not liking it. I really did not understand what the whole fuss was about. Every other person I told about my application absurdly felt sympathetic to me. ‘OMG, you are applying for an American visa, all the best, you never know, they just might disapprove yours, they don’t give reasons too.’ it simply confused me, how tough could it be. Well all through the process I had people advising me about what to do, what to say and most importantly what not to say. I mean it went way beyond my head, I am a simple girl have a family here, earning decently OK, have no intentions what so ever to settle in the US, ( I love my country more than anything), just want to visit the US for an excursion, come back and continue with my happy to do little life, then why would I be rejected. But trust you me, the days before the interview were a nightmare with my husband explaining me how important it is for him to acquire this visa. I am one girl who does not like many instructions pouring in and this time around I had like a swarm of instructions from all possible ends. We were only short of not going to temples and praying for it trust me. I understand that innumerable people apply for American visas, many intend to stay back illegally and hence the US government needs to make sure that they only give visas to appropriate candidates but I was still frustrated, until D Day arrived, the day of our interview. It was like I was going to sit for the exam of my life. And so we reached and I am not going to bore with the whole process but yes two things that should be told here, one there are hordes of people applying for American visa apparently every day, whether it is for a better life, being paid in dollars, I don’t know but yes people are crazy about going to the US. And secondly it’s not a very big task to get the visa, if your intentions for the visit are clear and you intend to come back they do give you the visa. I got mine very easily just a few questions which I answered truthfully and confidently and the lady at the visa desk gave me the green card. So it was not difficult at all to attain a US visa and I firmly believe it should not be, yes security is one issue which every country faces in today’s time. I might be wrong here at many levels and I don’t want to indulge in the details. These are just my feelings. I feel that one’s own country is one’s own and nothing can replace it. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s emotions here, I like America as it is, it’s a wonderful country, a land of opportunity for many and yes its doing a great job at many humanitarian levels, but I am fine just where I am. ALAS, Thank you for the Visa American Embassy!!

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