Perfect Timing

A few good men is one of my favorite movies, I like it for its courtroom drama, for the whole dramatic background music, for Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, for Demi Moore, and for all the memories I have of watching this movie with my brother. I have realized over time that it is the memories associated with movies that make them special. I have seen absurd movies with my cousins or friends and I can remember having my best time at those movies.

Anyhow, last night this movie was coming on television and I decided to watch it. I finished all my errands and couched on the bed to watch. My daughter was busy with her toys or her grandparents, she realized that her mumma was busy and like my sweet little angel that she is, she let me be. And the movie progressed, the drama unfolding, Code red, Fendrick, Jessep, Downey, Dawson, Kaffe, everyone trying to prove their point. I was totally engrossed in the movie. And the climax came, as Kaffe called in for Col. Jessep to the courtroom, call it a co-incidence my daughter opened the door to my room and entered. I looked at her for a second, and got back to my movie. As Jessep approached his seat, my daughter approached me. That’s when Captain Ross called for Jessep’s rights, and my daughter made me aware of her rights. “Mummy, I Pooped”, she said. I looked at her disbelievingly. And that’s when Kaffe said “Is it funny, Sir”. And I thought this could not be happening, not now, not to me. I urged her to finish the pooping errand and I would clean her up. She insisted that she has already finished and needed to be cleaned.

I tried to convince her to wait for two more minutes, I mean what harm could come out of it. I could not concentrate on the movie a bit, my daughter started shouting on top of her lungs, and there Kaffe was shouting, “Could they ignore your order”. Here my own daughter was ignoring my order. And the stench from the poop spread in the room. There was no more I could wait. And that’s when Jessep said “Ever put your life in another man’s hands and asked him to put his life in yours?” I nodded and thought, I just did. I rushed her to the washroom in an attempt to wash her quickly so I could still catch the end of the movie. I could hear Kaffe and Jessep shouting in the washroom as I cleaned my daughter put her on the changing board to change her clothes.

By the time I got free and carried my daughter back to the bedroom, Jessep was being arrested for ordering a code red. I wanted to order a code red to the toddler in my arms but alas, I smiled at her as she said “Mummy, cat poem’. I took her to my bed, switched off the television as Dawson and Downey discussed their future, hummed the cat poem to my daughter and slept.

So last night I made some new memories with the movie, earlier when we were younger my brother used to be Jessep and me Kaffe, and all along the movie we would mute it and say the dialogues. I remembered those days, recounted what happened today and just smiled. Life does change after being a mother.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. purvabhatia says:

    sweet! I watch my sister’s emotions range from angry & irritable to grinning and laughing as her little mischievous daughter calls for her attention. To feel ‘wanted’ by a child is an inexplicable feeling I guess. Enjoyed reading your post! Keep writing..and happy motherhood 🙂

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