And the Mountains Echoed and Called

Here is a long pending blog entry I wanted to write but kept procrastinating it for no specific rhyme or reason. It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog right, but trust me life has been super busy lately. Many a time I thought to sit down and pen my thoughts but eventually tiredness took over me and I could not finish anything I started writing. I like this part of life too, this part which I call getting “Super Busy”. But I realized I need time out, want solace and peace and a getaway from my monotonous life. I wanted to just sit amongst the mountains and read.

And so after much deliberation I planned my trip. I so wanted to go alone but as we grow and have a family I realized that travelling alone is luxury, even if I travelled alone I am sure I would have missed my husband and daughter. Alas, I planned my trip with them and must I say they were good company. For my husband it was the first time that he spent four straight days with our daughter with no family support. And he was amazed to see that our daughter is such a chatter box.

So coming back to the trip, we started on a fine day in august travelled by train to a certain point and then the after journey was by road. Ohh did I tell you we were going to the mountains, I am not a sea person I am a total mountain person. Keeping aside the train journey which I slept through mostly, the journey by road was nothing less than amazing. I realized that when travelling through the mountains it is not the destination but travelling through to reach the destination which is the most astoundingly amazing experience. Amidst the mountains the cool breeze on my face, good music in my ears and a book in my hand which I eventually ended up not reading as I was too engrossed in the view. It was a good 4 hours’ drive. We stopped in between for lunch at a local eatery, and enjoyed our very simply cooked lunch next to a stream.
And we reached our destination finally (Yes, I was glad that we had finally reached, it was getting a bit tiring sitting in the car). I had booked a five star property for myself, I wanted the luxury the serenity and the service of a five star property. I have many friends who opt out for local places to experience the true culture of the place. But I am not that kind not quite there yet, eventually probably yes, but right now when I go for holiday I look forward to leisure, just slacken away to glory, be served food on bed and many many more things which regretfully only good and expensive properties heed to. I may be wrong, but sometimes I can get pricey.

Hence we reached, and the view from the room was splendid, a little balcony with the view of the mountains, two chairs and a table kept in the balcony, the little place was so inviting that immediately I ordered a hot bowl of pasta, sat down in the balcony and munched away to glory. Amidst all this my daughter who was super excited kept roaming all across the room, rummaging all possible drawers to her access, to find something of her liking. Oh the luxury of staying at a hotel , I don’t need to worry about the mess that she was creating, housekeeping was a ring away. And then I slept for a good two hours. After a walk to the nearby market at night, I slept engulfed in the soft quilt.

I woke up to sunshine in my room, both my husband and daughter were sleeping so after the mundane activities of early morning I grabbed my book and my coffee and headed straight to the balcony. I read for a good two hours, with the birds chirping and cool breeze blowing in the background. Amidst all this rain would splutter followed by Sun, OHHH the mountains, how unforeseeable can they be. After a good hot bath in the tub we headed for breakfast which was laid down in the open. And was I in love with the place. The mornings turned into afternoons, afternoons into evenings and evenings to nights for three days and time for return came. Though I felt sad leaving, aren’t goodbyes always tough especially to the mountains. But we bid goodbye with a heavy heart and left for the hustle bustle of the life that awaited us in the city. Are they more people who think that reaching somewhere takes more time than returning, or is it only in my psyche, because the return journey went away quickly.

I realized that breaks are essential to keep yourself sane, are nice to rejuvenate, compulsory for married couples after baby and breather from the monotonous life we live earning money. I resolved one thing upon my return that I had to and had to buy a property in the mountains, because this is where I want to grow old. I just hope and pray that god gives me the opportunity soon.

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