And I Found the Right Bra for ME!! 

Huh, these are not just 8 little words spun together to form a sentence, these words put together make all the difference in a girl’s life. At least in mine they do. These bring out happiness, contentment, ease of mind in me. I don’t know about other women, but finding the right bra has always been a task for me. I have realized that it is an art to find the perfect piece, that perfect fit, the perfect coverage, the perfect strap or no strap, everything perfect. It’s like having someone serve me the perfect plate of steaming hot red sauce pasta with the correct seasoning that too for free after a tough day at work. I know the comparison is absurd but I love my pasta you see.
So coming back to finding the perfect piece of the most important part of my attire, it is tough finding the “Faultless” piece of absolute perfection don’t you think. My first bra was bought by my mother, because as they say, “God knows better but mom knows best”. And I don’t remember how it had fit me, or probably I did not understand the fact that it needs to fit. At that time it was all excitement, excitement of growing up, another step closer towards being a woman. Ahhh the silliness of being a teenager!! And then as I kept growing so did these two little dangling of mine. Lest I say I was not a very big fan of them, I just wanted them to be small and petty. The large ones just did not fascinate me enough. And it is here that the quest for the perfect piece started. I gained weight, lost weight, and with every few pounds I gained and lost these two also suffered the brunt. And subsequently the quest got more vigorous.
And then I got married, and times for them changed again, both of us (My two little precious pieces and me, and not my husband and me) were in a happy space for a long time until we decided to get pregnant (My husband and me and not my two little precious pieces and me :P). And we were on a roller coaster ride. They recoiled and blew up, blew up and recoiled again. And trust me it was frustrating. A better half of my salary went away spending on this treasure. And trust me the quest is not over.
I walk in a lingerie shop and try out variety of shapes and sizes and finally find that near to perfect piece, and end up buying them in all possible colors, and then when I need to buy them again, DAMN the company stops their production, and introduces a new design. I smell conspiracy I swear!! And what really irks me; trust me I question the lord all the time, why don’t men have some problem like this. Why there undies size remains almost same all through their life. I mean I understand that possessing these makes us so womanly and all, but perhaps I could have done without them; it is really a hassle at times. But on the contrary I still like them, it’s nice having them around at times, and of course this one thing we have and these men don’t, makes us so fascinating to them, Just saying :P. So any which way I have to live with them, just that I wish they would have come with a manual with all the instructions. And one last request please god open a shop which provides me the perfect fit. Thanks in advance!!

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