For my Brother :), Who Resides in my Heart

Alright so my little brother (who apparently is not little anymore) has decided to shift base and move to Mumbai, another city in India from Delhi. That’s for his growth professionally he has got a new job, the one he wanted for so long, the one I have been praying that he gets into for almost a year now, the one my brother thinks will take him places, the one I think is my passport to go and settle in Mumbai (I totally adore that place). Well then I should be excited, on top of the world right! But I am not; I am in a deep trench right now, deep down in the earth. I WILL MISS MY BROTHER. And this makes me sick in the stomach.
His application got finalized day before yesterday, tickets booked for early next month, and my heart sinks whenever I think of it. I just feel that time is flying too fast suddenly now, it was only yesterday that he was born, only yesterday that I hated his guts, only yesterday that I realized that he is my younger brother and I love him more than anything, only yesterday we spent all nights waking up watching movies or singing songs, only yesterday that he made me sit all night to tell his break up story and sob, only yesterday that he took up his first job. Ahhh, I guess too many yesterdays have passed. The other night I was unable to sleep, was pondering over all the time spent with him, and that’s when it struck me, life is changing, so much and so fast.
I fail to fathom what my life would be with him in some other city, and trust me tears fill my eyes. This thing about relationships intrigues me. How, When, Why somebody becomes so important that life without him around is unimaginable. For all the days and nights we spent together chatting and singing seems to be centuries ago. Those will never come back again, of course he would be visiting me and vice-versa but we have grown up now. Time is not a luxury anymore. We are trapped in this vicious cycle of earning and maintaining a lifestyle.
I wish life was simpler but it is not, and then I think of many millions other who leave their home for a better future. It is tough, but it is for a cause and we should accept it the way it is. Children move out to make a life of their own and everything changes. I really wish there could be a simpler way to it but there is none. We possibly cannot be kids lifelong (How I wish we remained kids forever). I always wanted to grow up fast and be independent but now I realize it is no fun. Life is turning its wheels more speedily than we can imagine and only the one who can keep pace with it, Wins.
I look forward to raising my daughter who would one day leave for her studies, job, anything. In a way my bro leaving prepares me for my daughter. But still it sends me goose bumps.
Just want to wish him all the luck and love from end. I hope he succeeds in whatever he wants to do.
Good Luck .

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