Dalai Lama’s Cat : Such a Refreshing Read

I recently finished reading the Dalai lama’s cat and I am still smiling, yes this is what the book does to you. I am not a very spiritual or philosophical person but the synopsis of this book intrigued me. This book manages to take you in the mystical land of Buddhism and that too through the eyes of a cat.

A stray kitten rescued by the Dalai Lama on the busy roads of Delhi and taken back to his residence, where she is nurtured to become HHC describes her survival and existence in this book. She grows up to become an extremely beautiful cat and her journey is a delightful read. The book manages to be funny and still be able to inculcate the virtues of Buddhism. The journey of the kitten becoming the cat is the most amazing, and its evolution as a cat and paving its path into Buddhism keeps the readers engrossed. For someone like me who is amateur to the philosophies of Buddhism this books gets me way closer to the essence of this religion. A novice like me can easily relate to the cat in understanding the teachings of Buddhism. The writing style is very warm and personalised, the reader does not feel overwhelmed by the preaching’s but slowly seem to weave into the threads of human emotions described to perfection. There are some portions of the book which are immensely touching, like the teachings of true happiness, helping others, not being self centred, however some portions are a bit dragged. Sometimes the story goes too deep and you feel disconnected to the whole plot, but these instances are rare. The story flows like magic and you can easily imagine the scenes described, the cat moving down the mountains, visiting Franc’s cafe, or pondering near the window in her room, the descriptions are poetic.

What I liked about the book is that one does not have to be religious or spiritual to read this book, the preachings in the book can be useful for a common man too. The book aims not to reveal the great truth of god but simply introduce the reader to the principles of Buddhism in a very warm way.

So overall its a very nice warm read which one can enjoy basking in the sun getting up happy and smiling, and sure I for one wanted to become His Holiness Cat after reading this one.

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